Probate of Estates

The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. You do not need legal technicalities and rules making things more difficult.

For that you reason, you can turn to Nina C. Remson Attorney at Law, LLC, to handle those matters on behalf of you and your family. With more than 25 years of experience as an attorney, Nina C. Remson understands how to identify your legal needs and put the strategies in place that will maximize your legal protections and rights.

Did Your Loved One Have A Will?

Nina C. Remson Attorney at Law, LLC, is here to help guide you through the probate process. Whether your loved one had a will or didn't, Nina C. Remson will be there to provide you compassionate assistance every step of the way to assist you with the necessary legal steps regarding the estate.

The firm also serves the needs of those who have been named an executor or executrix of a will. You probably are alarmed to learn the extent of your legal exposure in these matters. Further, you probably wish you had someone who could advise you as to how to handle the various family members who are making any number of demands of you, perhaps even accusing you of wrongdoing.

If Your Loved One Had No Will

You may apply to the court to be named as the Administrator or Administratrix of your loved one's estate if he or she did not have a Will. This would allow you to probate the estate much like an executor or executrix would if there were a Will. Nina C. Remson can help guide you through what may seem like a complicated or even overwhelming procedure.

Contact Attorney Nina C. Remson For Experienced Legal Guidance

If you are the named executor or executrix of a will or are the next of kin to someone who died without a will, call Nina C. Remson at 866-622-1075 for a free consultation and compassionate legal representation.

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