Help With Domestic Violence and Protective Orders

Nina C. Remson represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Domestic Violence cases. Having been on both sides of the counsel table, she knows what to expect from the other party. This can be used to your advantage when developing a strategy for court, either as a victim seeking to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order and keep it as a Final Restraining Order, or if you have been alleged to be an abuser and are fighting to avoid a TRO or FRO.


Nina C. Remson will help you make the court understand the fear that you live with and the reasons that you need to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order or Final Restraining Order. As the Plaintiff, the burden to prove your allegations is on you. Nina C. Remson will be there to assist you in gathering evidence, subpoenaing witnesses and preparing your testimony for trial to obtain the Order of Protection that you need to feel safe and secure.


Nina C. Remson knows that good people are sometimes falsely accused of wrongdoing. She also knows that sometimes good people make mistakes and act impulsively. Whatever your situation, you will find in Nina C. Remson, a lawyer who listens to you and doesn't pass judgment. Nina C. Remson knows how to cross examine witnesses against you and challenge proof submitted by Plaintiffs in order to avoid your being stuck with a restraining order indefinitely.


Nina C. Remson can also assist you by filing a Motion to Vacate or Lift a Final Restraining Order (FRO) that has already been entered against you. If you have been living with an FRO for some time and you would like to explore getting the FRO removed, call to discuss whether you might qualify to have your burdensome FRO lifted.


While a restraining order is not a criminal offense, a violation of a restraining order may result in a jail sentence. Depending on the nature of the alleged violation, the case may be heard in Family Court or in Criminal Court. There may also be related criminal or disorderly persons charges. Nina C. Remson understands the distinction between different types of violations and offenses and is able to provide competent representation appropriate to your specific situation.

Defense of the Domestic Violence Contempt Charge- by Nina C. Remson, ESQ.


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